Discovering and Exploring the Real Cyprus

The Happy Nomads of the P3A World       

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Group Leader: Brian Hall    Email:

Assistant Group Leader: Suzanne Cousins email:

We do just what the title says. We explore the Cyprus behind the Tourist Trappings that are what most holidaymakers encounter during their short stays on the island.

         Many P3A members come to live in Cyprus believing it is more or less like the UK, with a lot more sun and a different language. Gradually we realise this is not so, with the             culture, traditions, religion, the entire way of life of the island being very much at variance with the culture we were brought up with.

         Cyprus has a much longer documented history than the British Isles. It has been ruled and fought over by various races, many of whom have left their imprint and monuments             behind them.  It has been both a major strategic point of the Eastern Mediterranean and a more or less forgotten backwater.

         The Natural History and Geology of Cyprus vary greatly from the UK. The island is still very religious and churches and monasteries, some over 1000 years old, abound.                   There are many quaint, old villages tucked away, where life still revolves around the coffee shop, and old wineries are found in the hills.

This is the Cyprus that we look for. Not the wonders and technology of the modern world, but the wonders of the past, that have led to the creation of the Cyprus of today.

So what have we been up to over the past couple of years?  Amongst other things we have    

        Explored a Battlefield from 2498 BC, Seen how Cyprus Delight is manufactured, Visited Wineries and had numerous wine tastings,

Learned about the night sky visible from Paphos, Visited an Olive Oil Manufacturing Plant, Learned about the snakes of Cyprus, watched Flamingos

Visited Wine, Olive Oil, Carob, Weaving, Folk and other Museums, Had tours of Paphos, Limassol and the Archaeological Park, Visited a 5000-year old grave yard,

Watched traditional bread and halloumi making, Enjoyed a holiday in Protaras and a look around the Cape Greco area. Plus many other outings.

We also invariably end our trips with a long, leisurely lunch, usually at a tavern that is new to most members.  If any of this appeals to you, contact Brian. 

You will be most welcome.